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Huge Savings from Increased Room Utilisation

It seems that, because people will always book desks and rooms “just in case they need them”, there will always be opportunities to get more out of existing bookable space, or in other words increase room utilisation. This article provides some financial details on what can be expected Huge Savings from Increases Room Utilisation

Room Booking with Outlook

Outlook is by far the most popular software for scheduling meetings. Fast Track Room Booking for Outlook is an app which allows staff to book rooms, invite attendees, select catering and A/V equipment, and inform service providers, all directly from Outlook. Use of Outlook for most tasks provides a significant benefit to management, in that […]

Room Booking BASKET Booking

As well as pattern booking by weekday or day of month, basket booking allows pick and choose, but catering, A/V equipment, etc. are assigned to all bookings in the basket. If a series of similar meetings are to be booked, with similar attendees and guests, similar catering, etc., but they are in different locations around […]


Utilising Hosted Systems, or Software-as-a-Service, is becoming more and more popular as organisations look to avoid expensive capital expenditures (CAPEX). A trend is to reduce costs by paying for systems out of operational expenditure (OPEX). Saving on large outlays is one of several advantages to be gained from using hosted solutions. Benefits of hosted systems: […]

Hosted Solutions

The cost of hosted solutions has steadily reduced to where they are being considered by more and more organisations. The main benefit seems to be outsourced IT resources. Room Booking and Help Desk systems can be “turned on” for users with little project assistance from corporate managers, and the number of licenced users can be […]

Room Booking Software and Cost Reduction

Room Booking software not only provides automation for various types of room, desk and space booking, but can also be aimed squarely at cost reduction. Two of the clear ways are via hot-desking and tackling no-shows. A trusted hot-desking technique is to reduce the number of desks available to non-office-based staff 10% at a time, […]

Share Desks!

In the recent budget shake up, UK civil servants have been told to make huge efficiency savings. Coming late to concepts like hotelling and hot-desking, the UK Civil Service will now be forced to rationalise space, along with all their desk-less office workers in the commercial world. Amongst iiS customers, some remendous space savings have […]