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Using Self-Service Call Logging

Will self-service call logging for staff and customers solve help desk staff issues? Is it really a Magic Bullet? It can do both, but a number of “people tendencies” need to be balanced out. The subject is discussed here:


Utilising Hosted Systems, or Software-as-a-Service, is becoming more and more popular as organisations look to avoid expensive capital expenditures (CAPEX). A trend is to reduce costs by paying for systems out of operational expenditure (OPEX). Saving on large outlays is one of several advantages to be gained from using hosted solutions. Benefits of hosted systems: […]

Hosted Solutions

The cost of hosted solutions has steadily reduced to where they are being considered by more and more organisations. The main benefit seems to be outsourced IT resources. Room Booking and Help Desk systems can be “turned on” for users with little project assistance from corporate managers, and the number of licenced users can be […]

Motorway miles, train hours, climate change and Webinars!

All organisation refine their operations, so the search for better systems is non-stop. New software packages to automate time-consuming processes, improved software to integrate new techniques and operating system advantages, etc., are fairly common reasons to research new software. What usually happens? The best matching software systems are reviewed on the web, and then the […]

The Fast Track series

The Fast Track series provides software and service solutions in the areas of Room Booking, Help Desk and PPM (Planned Maintenance). Fast Track delivers both hosted solutions (Software as a Service), and systems based at customer premises. The Fast Track series sites are: