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Using Self-Service Call Logging

Will self-service call logging for staff and customers solve help desk staff issues? Is it really a Magic Bullet? It can do both, but a number of “people tendencies” need to be balanced out. The subject is discussed here:

Using Generic Contractor Names

Sometimes it can seem like a good idea to use generic names to set up contractors, so as not to have to perform large scale SLA data configurations when contractors change. Names like CARPENTERS, PEST-CONTROL, PAINTERS, etc., are self-explanatory, and actual contractor business data can be recorded in the details. The problem is that analysis […]

Access ASSET DETAILS from CAD Plans

Using a maintenance management system for reactive and planned maintenance leads to the creation of important asset data. Asset job history, performance, costs and life expectancy can all emerge for analysis. The latest CAFM (computer-aided facilities management) tools allow access to this data via building CAD plans. Interrogate your assets, and ask to be shown […]

PPM Job Compression

Compress PPM Tasks for multiple assets into one job, but track and update assets uniquely. Compress tasks of the same type for assets in the same location on the same day. Compress by building or site.

PPM Data Resolution

The optimum resolution at which to track PPM assets can be far from obvious, and getting it wrong can require expensive restructuring with a contract in motion. The Fast Track team and partners can advise on how best to structure PPM asset data, with options being: * Track each asset * Track each asset and […]