Motorway miles, train hours, climate change and Webinars!

All organisation refine their operations, so the search for better systems is non-stop. New software packages to automate time-consuming processes, improved software to integrate new techniques and operating system advantages, etc., are fairly common reasons to research new software. What usually happens? The best matching software systems are reviewed on the web, and then the companies are invited to present and discuss.

Thousands of motorway miles and hundreds of train hours are gobbled up moving people around the country, and any potential climate change benefits associated with travel reduction are almost always ignored.

The other approach is to attend “webinars” or “web seminars”, which can be presentations to groups, or one-on-one. Perhaps the best scenario is that the prospective buyers group around a PC and large-ish monitor, and the presenter uses GoToMeeting or Webex to “reveal his desktop” to the group, as if he or she was in the same room. If there has to be a last-minute postponement, little damage is done, and little inconvenience caused. And the travel reduction is good for the Earth!

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