Fully Automatic PPM?

The analysis to determine whether fully automatic PPM is beneficial, or “a good idea”, runs the gamut from common sense to philosophy. “We won’t have to do anything once it’s set up!” cry the proponents, while the worriers wonder “if it’s actually fully automatic, how will the users remember how to use it?”

There are many opinions to consider, but this doesn’t alter the fact that the technology for fully automatic PPM, including distribution of instructions by email, is already here.

By pairing assets and PPM processes and giving them start dates and cycles (PPM Tasks), server-based services can periodically apply lead times for forecasted dates (future PPM Task Dates without jobs), and the jobs themselves. In practical terms, this might mean checking every hour for dates coming due up to 6 months into the future, and jobs coming due within the next two weeks.

Turn it loose and put your feet up?

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